Synergistic Qualities

Law and politics will forever be intertwined. As go checks and balances in government, so goes politics and law. Politics is defined as the activities associated with the governance of a country, and the contests between parties looking to seize power.

Rules that are designed to control the behavior of the populace, and those which are enforced through social institutions, are laws.

Laws are designed to govern behavior of the masses, and politics is the general essence involved with governing a country. The two are completely inseparable, and every President of the United States counts themselves particularly fortunate in the event they are able to nominate a Supreme Court Justice during their time in office.

The idea, of course, is that the Justice they appoint will, at least on very important matters, vote party lines. Democracy is indeed a beautiful thing.

Why Law Students Become Politicians

Often times politicians are borne of the ilk that attends law school. Many law students were political science, or history, majors in their undergraduate years. They spend 4 years studying political science and history, and then 3 years studying law, which ultimately makes them ideal candidates for public service. This public service normally starts as architecting a career as a lawyer, and then progresses into politics.

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Working as an attorney in municipal positions, like District Attorneys, both prepare an attorney for life as a politician as well as serving to shape their understanding of legal matters as they pertain to societal policies. There is a much more to becoming a politician than is often times understood, and that which is also lost in today’s society.Most politicians are regularly vilified by constituents as soon as something occurs that is not in their favor. Leading is often times a dubious, and thankless, task.


Politics and leading is about what is good for the whole of society, and not that which is simply good for the individual. Politicians also have to tailor messages for people representing many different backgrounds, and for this reason messages are often muted. This leads to a perception of our leaders being ambivalent, or even noncommittal. This is why to be a lawyer, to practice law, and to be a politician really involves the ability to speak, and to create and deliver messages that are palatable to numerous people.

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It really is a bit of a sociological position, as much as it is about governance and understanding law. Our founding fathers seemed to possess more than a modicum of clairvoyance when they created our Constitution, with nearly every single word designed to avoid abuse of power by any individual or party. It is the tie that binds and keeps our society evolving in a meaningful and measured way. No one group ever gets everything they want, yet the balance it provides as a point-of-reference, in perpetuity, will forever guide decisions that are made about the welfare of all citizens.

Getting Stronger

These are some of the reasons why lawyers make good politicians, why those wanting to attend law school study history and political science, and why all of these positions-held and preparation come down to a life of serving society and strengthening the law of the land.

The 5 Most Fit Politicians

Many people may not think of politicians as people that are attractive. There are some politicians that are in great shape. There are some politicians that are in great shape and should be recognized for their physical fitness in addition to politics.

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Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor of California

This politicians played baseball in college and has been trying to make the people of California healthier for years. He required restaurants to put nutritional information on their menus and wanted to use foods from local farms. As mayor of San Francesco he tired to make some healthy changes for the city. He is also working to make healthy foods less expensive and more available to the average person as well as develop exercise programs the average person can participate in.

Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor

One of Andrew’s favorite past time events is boxing. In his home with superstar girlfriend and Chef Sandra Lee there are several exercise rooms as well as plenty of fresh foods. He and his children participate in both soccer and track events. He take staying in shape almost as important as his duties as governor.

Jim Himes, Congressman from Connecticut

Jim is considered to be one of the 50 most beautiful people in politics . He even modeled for Ralph Lauren in his college days. When New York was experiencing blackout he walked nine hours from his office to his home. He enjoys rowing and it is his favorite way to stay in shape.

Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General

While Eric has a lot to worry about he still finds the time to stay in shape by playing basketball. He grew up playing this game in New York City and has not given up his love for the sport. He even encourages others in politics to take a break and shoot some balls with him.

Heath Shuler, Congressman from North Carolina

This congressman is in love with an all American past time which is football. He was a quarterback in college at the University of Tennessee and in 1993 was a running up for the Heisman Trophy. He played pro with the Washington Redskins and turned his football career into a successful real estate career. Heath decided to run for congress and was elected. He also served in the House of Representatives as a Democrat. He is both modern and conservative in his political views but still has some time to throw the football around.

These are some of the best looking people in politics and they are in some of the best shape for people in this position. These men have a background in sports and exercise as well as healthy living. They take their views on physical activity and eating properly into office with them. These politicians are working to make sure the average American has access to healthy food and can fit some exercise into their busy schedules. If a politicians can find time to be active so can the average person.

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5 Fashion Tips for Capitol Hill

When people think of Capital Hill they do not think of this as a place that knows their fashion.

Senators do not always know what to wear. While they are encouraged to dress business casual senators are not really understanding what this means.

While the senators want to create a relaxed environment there are some clothing items that those working in the government should not wear to work. Some things that senators have been seen wearing that they should not include: jeans, flip flops, and too tight pants.

1.What Not to Wear: If the clothing looks like it can be worn at a nightclub it should not be worn to Capitol Hill. Anything that it too short or too tight should not be worn to the office. Undergarments should not be visible. Short shorts for a man or a woman are also frowned upon.

2. What Not to Wear: While sandals may be okay to wear to some offices flip flop or anything else that looks like it can be worn at the beach should be saved for the beach. When wearing sandals they should have a secure back.

3. What to Wear: For women that want to wear skirts that is fine. The skirts should come to the knee or longer. The skirt should not be too tight. Stockings are not required.

4. What to Wear: It is okay to add some color to what many people think of as boring office clothing. Red, yellows, and other bright colors are acceptable to wear to the office especially if they are button downed shirts or other shirts with a collar. Low key prints are okay to wear as well as long as they are not too loud in any form of animal print.

5. What to Wear: In the cooler months it is okay to wear sweaters to work. Sweaters come in a number of different colors and patterns. While some people think they are casual as long as they are not too tight a sweater is fine to wear to Capitol Hill.

Other Things to Remember

Capitol Hill is one of the top government buildings and the way a person dressed can show a lot about them and their work ethic. All clothing should be clean and pressed. It should not have wrinkles or look thrown together.

Hair removal is another big issue for the fashion types. Tina writes about the best tips for hair removal quite eloquently. There is a great hair removal cream for alpha male that she covers that really is quite an impressive product, and something that most people on Capitol Hill use quite regularly.

The environment of Capitol Hill is open and friendly but this does not mean the people working there should look or behave in an unprofessional manner.

No matter what a person is wearing one of the worst things they can do is be late to work.

When working on Capitol Hill as a Senator, a receptionist, or even an intern it is important to follow basic guideline when getting dressed for work. Even in the summer months it is not okay to wear beach style flip flops to work.

While business casual has become acceptable in many working environments many people still do not know what this means. If the clothing is too, short, or revealing it should be avoided. Jeans are a little too casual for work.

When dressing for work especially in the government while conservative may not be a high fashion trend it is the smarter choice.

President Obama – Politics and Sports

When Barack Obama became President Obama and moved into the White House, he immediately set up a basketball court, which is his first sports love, in addition to politics. Not only has be played the game, most of his adult life, but he is also a huge fan of the game. However, time is catching up to his 6-foot, 1-inch, 54 year old body. He has incorporated golf into his sports activities as one of his preferred recreational pursuits.

President Obama’s Varied Sports Skills

He has been and is very active in different sports pursuits, since he became President. He has had an opportunity to show his sports skills at different events, including:

• President Barack Obama played a basketball game at Fort McNair in Washington, D.C. in 2009.
• President Barack Obama shot a round of golf at Farm Neck golf course in Martha’s Vineyard in 2009.
• President Barack Obama threw out the ceremonial first pitch on opening day of baseball season at National Park in Washington, DC in 2010.
• President Barack Obama played a friendly birthday game with pros and college basketball players: Grant Hill, Shane Battier, Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Derek Fisher, LeBron James, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Alonzo Mourning, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Bill Russell, Etan Thomas, Dwyane Wade and David West in 2010.
• President Barack Obama played soccer with children in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2011.
• President Barack Obama played table tennis with students at the Globe Academy in London, England in 2011.
• President Barack Obama threw a football at the Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois in 2012.
• President Barack Obama played a short round of tennis against Caroline Wozniacki for charity in 2015.

Cards, Fishing, and Bowling

The President enjoys competition and is still a very athletically fit person. As much as his office duties allows, he has gone fishing, played several games of bowling with friends and staff, and often, aboard Air Force Once, plays cards, like the game of spades or a little poker.

President Obama’s Basketball History

The 47th President of the United States, has told the world about his love for the game of basketball. President Obama helped to lead Occidental College in scoring in 1979 and he played and graduated from Punahou High School in Hawaii, which won 322 state championships, which is more than any other school in the country. In 2011 President Obama has even coached his daughter, Sasha’s little league team, when the coach was unable to do so.

The President’s Basketball Knowledge

In basketball, professional players that have had pick-up games with him at the White House or in nearby courts, state that he knows the game extremely well. Author, Max Tucker says that the President knows how to pick and roll; when to take his man away to drive; how to block out for rebounds; and he would hit open jump-shots, all of which makes him fun to play with.

Presidential Paintball Game

Based on the President’s love for sports, a game was devised during his first administration run. The paintball game is called “Presidential Paintball.” It is a game that can be played online for free. It is a flash game that pits rivals against each other – very tongue in cheek. Presidential Paintball asks players to choose one of 6 candidates and play a paintball game inside the White House, and it includes the 14 best paintball markers of 2015.

The candidates in politics include Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama, John Edwards, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Rudolph Guiliani. The paintball game is a point and click game that fires green paintballs at each opponent. Does the sitting President object to this game which has been around, as long as Mr. Obama has been President? – Let’s just say, that he has not disapproved of its online presence.

5 Strange Real Estate Laws

There have been some laws passed in this country and around the world that are just downright bizarre. An example of one of these odd laws is that convicted criminals are not allowed to eat vegetables at home.

There are other laws that state that do it yourself home projects cannot be done on Sunday. These are just some examples of interesting laws that no longer apply to society. There are five odd real estate laws in the United States that will allow the reader to have a good laugh.

No Bulk Rentals- Arkansas, Missouri

Many renters will find this law to be interesting. It is illegal for a group of four women to rent an apartment. This is true even if the women are related to each other. Four people that are not related cannot live together in the city under the Brothel Law. There are also laws that do not allow more then six women to live in one abode. It does not matter if they are related, it is against the law. Both of these laws came into play in the early 20th century. The laws were designed to stop people of a poor reputation from moving into the area. As of 2012 many people feel these laws no longer apply.

No Do It Yourself Projects on Sundays

The following states do not allow diy projects on Sundays

New Jersey
New Mexico
New York

This law was made when Christians ruled and considered Sunday to be a day of rest. Many of the leaders were strict Christians as well. A person is not allowed to paint their home, fill nail holes, use a leaf blower, or mow their lawn on this day of rest.

Fence Laws in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island

These states have laws about household fences of all things. A fence cannot be more then six feet high or a person is breaking the spite fence law. This is considered to be a nuisance to the public. White picket fences are also prohibited in the town of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Only Two Toilets in Waldron, Washington

In this town it is illegal to have more then two toilets in any building — so if you’re looking for the best toilet for you, you’ll have to keep it to a minimum. While people use indoor restrooms more often the ever this law was set up to conserve water in this town. Any home that has more the town two toilets can be searched and inspected immediately for other violations. If you want to check out more on toilets, you can read more here.

Potted Plants Stay Inside in San Francisco, California

Potted Plants are not allowed outside of homes in this city. Officials say that the plants bring down the value of the home. Any potted plant has to be removed immediately and the homeowner can be fined. Many officals do not strictly enforce this law any longer.

These are just some of the odd laws that have been set up in this country. At one time they may have had a valid point.

For the present time these laws and others like them seen nothing but strange and outdated to the majority of people.

Dressing Like a Politician

When a person thinks of a politician they do not think of a fashion trendsetter. Politicians are starting to break out of tradition and add a more modern touch to their wardrobe.

There are some secrets to dressing like a politician for the modern day.

Add Some Sparkle

A little bit of glitter or sequences on a dress or a shirt can go a long way. This is a nice alternative to traditional colors. Bright colors with a little bit of shine are attention getting without overdoing it.

Everyone from Michelle Obama to Hillary Clinton have been spotted with something shiny on at political meetings.

Leave the Ponytail Behind

Political meetings are not the place for ponytails. For women it is best to wear their hair down. While this does little to cover up a bad hair day it looks more professional.

A great haircut can look so much better than a thrown together ponytail.

Skin Care

Another thing to consider is skin care. Do you have soft, silky skin? Are do you have various conditions that effect many people? If that’s the case, you can naturally treat vitiligo.

Dont’ know what vitiligo is? It’s a bad skin condition where you can get vitiligo on the face and lips. So be sure to have it checked out, and keep your skin clean.

Dress in Red

Red is taking over the political word. For years people have been wearing black to look official and powerful. A red suit or a red blazer looks great even when paired with black.

Red should be worn as a solid as long as it is not wild or a person goes overboard. The color red should not be paired with other bring colors or prints.

A Little Pink is Okay

Even in the world of politics hot pink can be worn. A little hot pink goes a long way. Whether a woman is wearing a pink blazer or a man is wearing a pink ties it can still be acceptable. When wearing pink it should not be paired with any types of print or other bright colors.

When wearing hot pink do not over do the look. A little bit is okay, a full suit in this color is not.

Blazers Make it Okay

A politician can wear just about anything as long as they have a blazer on. Politicians have been seen in funky glasses, colorful scarves, and other thing as long as there is a blazer on. When wearing the blazer it is important to wear something conservative under it.

Anything too short or see through will not work. As long as the look it still conservative it is okay to wear blazers with different prints as well.

Get an iron

Even suits and suit jackets can look thrown together if they are wrinkled. If a person does not want to pay a dry cleaner an iron is a smart investment.

Keep the clothing simple and above all make sure they are pressed and clean. As long as they are free of wrinkles they should look okay.

These are just some tips to dressing like a politician. While there have been variations to the conservative look over the years the important thing to remember is for all clothing to be pressed and in good condition.

If the clothing is taken care of there is now room from some additional colors and even some patterns.